Thursday, February 13, 2014

Code snippet search

Code snippet search is going to be very easy now and in future with our favorite IDE like visual studio.

It is using Microsoft Bing. 

Bing searches code from coding community like 

  •   MSDN
  •   StackOverFlow
  •   Dotnetperls
  •   CSharp411

To search a code snippet, You can go to following Url.

It is looking like this.

All instruction is written there like how to get code snippet.

Start with special comment "///".
Then you just need to type your code snippet query in English like you search in Google. and press Tab will show you intellisense like window. which also show code in next window beside the main window.

You can select and  get the code snippet. 

You can select and  get the code snippet.   

You can also do directly from Visual Studio directly.   

You can download VS extension from here

Check this blog for more 

Who want to remember all the code all the time. 

There are some other websites also there for code snippet repository

Happy Coding....